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Frequently Asked Questions

Q3: Why Should I get OpenVPN from Aplusvpn.com?


We provide OpenVPN connections which is the best VPN technology available. It truly unblocks all restricted Internet access. The advantage of OpenVPN is that once you have established a connection to our OpenVPN server, all your Internet traffic is automatically routed through it. Regardless whether you browse, send or receive emails, chat or use any other application or protocol, it is automatically encrypted and routed through our servers.

Q4: Will OpenVPN slow down my Internet connection speed?


No. Generally you would not notice any difference.

Q5: Can I get a trial account?


No. There are a great many spammers and hackers out there who would love to get their hands on free IP address addresses all over the world. This would allow them to send out millions of spam emails and make all sorts of purchases on fraudulent credit cards without anyone knowing who they are. So, to secure our network and safeguard others, we do not provide free trial service.

We do have a 5 day FULL money-back guarantee. If you do not like our service for any reason, and notify us to cancel your subscription, we will refund you FULL payment without any questions asked. This in itself gives you 5 days of free trial period to evaluate our service.

Q6: Can I change my account password?


At time of ordering Apluvpn you choose your own Login and Password. If you need to change the password later, please contact us through our CONTACT form or send us email with your AplusVPN login ID and new password.

Q7: I changed my password on OpenVPN client and now I cannot logon to AplusVPN?


You should never change your password from the openvpn icon. If you do that, it only chnages it on your PC and not on our servers and hence your VPN connection fails.

To fix it, download AplusVPN configuration zip file from SETUP page, unzip it, and copy ALL unzipped files into openvpn configuration folder.

Q8: Can I run OpenVPN on Vista and Windows 7 without turning UAC off?


Yes you may. Although it is recommended to turn off the UAC on Vista platform, but if you would still lie to prefer running OpenVPN with UAC turned on, you can. It may give you some problem sometimes as Vista sometimes still does not fully give “administrator” privileges to the programs for running even if you tell it to do so.

To setup OpenVPN to run with Vista UAC turned on, follow the instructions given here.

Q10: How can I run OpenVPN GUI on Windows XP as non-Administrator?


Please note that you have to install OpenVPN on Windows XP as administrator and confirm that it is running fine and OK for you. Once this is confirmed then you can do the below steps to make openvpn run for other users on the PC that do not have administrator privileges.


You would now see the openvpn icon in the lower right system tray. Right-click and choose connect as usual now and when prompted, enter SolVPN user/password.


Q9: Can I run use AplusVPN to bypass proxy and firewall’d networks?


Yes you can using OpenVPN. SolVPN is the only provider of VPN that bypasses the proxy server and firewall’s at offices and other restricted buildings. Our proxy-VPN service will let you have open and full access to Internet from your Office or Hotel etc. To bypass PROXY server and Firewall’d network, right click on openvpn system tray icon and choose Aplusvpn-443 connection.

Q11: I connect to AplusVPN server but cannot access Internet in my browser?


If your browser is configured to use a proxy server, AplusVPN will connect but you may not be able to get to the Internet through your browser. This is because the proxy your browser is pointing to does not accept outside connections. Once connected to the VPN, your proxy server no longer sees you as part of its allowed network and blocks you. The solution for this is to turn off the proxy in your browser.

Q12: TLS Error: 'TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds'


This error, shown in the AplusVPN log, is usually an indication of no connectivity to the internet. Before going further, first ensure that you are connected and can access web sites without AplusVPN enabled. Also, read the page on Ports and try the solutions offered there first to ensure your local firewall is not blocking the connection. In most cases, these steps will resolve this error.

In order to achieve maximum performance, AplusVPN uses the UDP protocol to transmit data. Occasionally an ISP will block UDP on their network. We also operate TCP servers to resolve UDP blocking issues for those that have them. If UDP works for you, do not use the TCP server as performance over TCP is not as good as over UDP. To switch to the TCP server choose “AplusVPN-443” when establishing connection.

If you still get the same TLS Error, then it means that you may not have properly installed OpenVPN software with Administrator account privileges. Uninstall Openvpn, make sure that you have administrator privileges, and re-install openvpn.

Q13: I connect to AplusVPN fine, but my IP is still the one provided by my ISP?


This occurs when openvpn is not able to open TAP device driver OR when openvpn is not run as an Administrator. To fix this, you need to uninstall openvpn from your PC and install it again as Administrator. Make sure that you install openvpn as Administrator and also run it as Administrator.

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Q1: How do I find my IP address?


Click on this link to find what is your current IP:  http://www.tracemyip.com/

Q14: Under what conditions should I use AplusVPN-443 connection option?


In order to achieve peak performance, AplusVPN uses the UDP protocol to transmit data. Sometimes, an ISP will block UDP on their network in order to prevent encrypted traffic. Additionally, there are times when network congestion and latency cause the UDP protocol to drop packets and even lose the connection. If this is occurring, you will see a 'Replay-window backtrack occurred' error in the log.

To resolve these issues, we operate TCP servers in addition to UDP servers . These servers operate on port 443. Port 443 is rarely blocked. Use this only in cases where your normal AplusVPN UDP connection option does not work.

NOTE: If UDP works, do not use the TCP servers as performance over TCP is normally not as good as over UDP

(NOTE: If UDP works, do not use the TCP servers as performance over TCP is normally not as good as over UDP.)

Q2: I am having difficulty in installing and setup of AplusVPN?


We can help you by remotely accessing your PC and helping you fix your issue. To know more about providing remote and secure access to our support staff Click Here

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